Boost Sports Performance has been working with Golf Performance Guru Trevor Anderson to bring Golfleticism to Jacksonville. Trevor is a Master Trainer, frequent golf channel content contributor and creator of Golfleticism. Golfleticism uses methods that bring about better golf performance by improving movement and athleticism in your golf swing. We do this by taking you through an extensive assessment, where we analyze how your biomechanics and improve fundamental issues that could be affecting your swing. We are able to find any stability, Mobility, or flexibility issues you have and develop an individualized program that addresses those your specific needs.

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What Is Golfleticism?

The GOLFleticism® Training methodology has helped golfers compete ATHLETICALLY in the very challenging field of professional golf, as well as college and elite junior golf, where being at the top level of performance at all times is critical

What You’ll Learn?













GOLFleticism® was created by Master Golf Performance Expert Trevor Anderson, CSCS (“T.A.”). He is an expert performance trainer and presenter, and has worked with some of the game’s top swing coaches and instructors, most notably, Mr. David Leadbetter, as a Fitness Expert and Consultant for The Leadbetter Golf Academy. T.A. has been trusted by David Leadbetter since 2009 to train with many of the best golfers in the world, including players on the PGA, LPGA,, Symetra, European, and other worldwide professional golf tours.

T.A. has been featured countless times on the Golf Channel as the resident fitness expert, in Golf Digest, and most recently, has partnered with GolfWeek to provide monthly fitness and performance content. He is trusted for his knowledge of how to enhance performance through the specific demands of the golf swing, based on athleticism, proper movement, and efficient biomechanics. 

T.A. is the Owner and Founder of Better Every Day®.  He is a renowned Performance Educator, and a Multi-Sport Performance Expert. Strategically located at Better Every Day® Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida, he coaches and mentors the youth, and educates teachers and trainers. His experiences as a professional athlete, and as a performance trainer and educator for professionals and amateurs in various sports, have shaped his career with practical and applied experience.


“Trevor Anderson has become a big part of my plan to reach my goal to defend my World Championship title in long drive. His communication skills and enthusiasm help me on a daily basis to compete and to be the very best in my sport. His knowledge of the body mechanics and exercises is far beyond most head fitness professionals. I have seen improvements in a number of areas including; flexibility, mobility, stability, and most of all strength and power. These components all wrapped into one have helped me increase speed and hit the golf ball more efficiently by using the correct body sequence. Most of all, the way he explains and puts me through my workouts make it very competitive and exciting, which is what I love most. It helps me wake up every morning with the motivation to get better every day. I feel very blessed to have developed such a great relationship with a great person and fitness instructor.”

– Tim Burke, 2 x World Long Drive Champion (2013/2015) 154mph Club Head Speed, 227mph Ball Speed

“I have known Trevor Anderson (T.A.) for a number of years, since the time when he was involved in training young golfers, and teams and individuals from other sports, at the Leadbetter Academy at IMG in Bradenton, Florida. Through my years in golf, I have met many trainers/performance coaches and to my mind, T.A. is one of the very best. Not only does he have great knowledge of the subject, but he also is a great motivator and makes the art of training fun and rewarding. T.A. is highly involved in training trainers and it is wonderful to see that his knowledge base is being spread far and wide in a lot of different sports. T.A. is the epitome of the modern-day trainer and educator who is continually learning to provide the very best information for his athletes.”

– David Leadbetter, World Famous Golf Instructor, Creator of The Leadbetter Golf Academies

“I really enjoyed working with T.A. During our sessions. I have learned which muscles are key in supporting my golf swing. I feel like I have improved since day one and I really look forward to performing better every day!”

Lydia Ko, World #1 Ranked female golfer, Youngest golfer ever to achieve #1, win a Major, win 2 Majors, have 10 professional victories, and to earn over $1,000,000. Lydia earned 16 worldwide victories, including 2 Majors, 2014 LPGA Rookie of the Year, 2015 LPGA Player of the Year, and won two consecutive ESPYs for Female Golfer of the year in 2015 and 2016, earning over $7 million dollars over this span.